The Witch Title Witch

By Cameron
(Grade 6)

"Hurry up, Scraw!" yelled Gailtur the witch as she looked over her shoulder.

Scraw was a little man with a long golden beard, and his left eye was a white orb. He had a hard time keeping up with the witch who was tall and slender with a black cloak and pointed hat. She could walk so much faster than him.

The witch went on to cackle, "We are here to kidnap the girl Harriet for she has been getting more powerful the older she gets, and she might destroy me one day."

The lights in London where dimly shining as the sun started to emerge over distant hills. "Hurry, Scraw!" shouted the witch, "Ahhh! The house of Harriet! Now, Scraw, turn into whatever you want and unlock the door for me."

Scraw suddenly turned into a large rat who scudded beside the door, and made an awesome leap, but fell flat on his face. Then an idea came to his head. He turned himself into a Kangaroo and kicked the door down.

Gailtur open the door and walked inside. Harriet was in her bed and had one eye on the witch, and the other on her bedside table. The Kangaroo tried to lift Harriet and put her in his pouch when she suddenly reached for the long polished stick, and yelled words that Scraw did not understand. Scraw blasted back and blew a hole in the wall.

This woke up Harriet's father, Harold. Harriet lived alone with her father for her mother had died in a terrible accident. Harold gripped his musket and ran out the door and fired at the kangaroo. Scraw turned into a rat and scrambled away.

Gailtur was in front of Harold and was hovering Harriet in the air with her wand. Harold shot at the wand. The wand shattered, and Harold ran at the witch firing every second. Gailtur blocked all the bullets with her hand. Then Harold ran out of ammo. Gailtur said some words and a fireball erupted from her hands. Harold flew back and hit the wardrobe so hard it blew up. Gailtur suddenly vanished along with Harriet!

* * *

Puss in BootsHarriet awoke in a dark, damp cave. A cat was staring at her with his right eye for the other eye was a white orb. Harriet jumped up from the ground.

"You shouldn't startle people like that," said Harriet. She noticed that the cat had an eye like a white orb. Harriet went on to ask the cat about the white orb for his left eye. Harriet felt bad for the cat, and started to pat him.

The cat began to rub his fur against Harriet's leg, and then he said, "I apologize."

Harriet was at a loss for words, and put the cat on her lap.

"Now we must get out," said the cat, "follow me." He pounced off the bed.

"What is your name?" asked Harriet.

The cat suddenly froze. He looked at his feet and then said, "Boots!"

"Not so fast," yelled a voice. It was Gailtur. She gazed at Boots. "You traitor," Gailtur said. A blast of fire plummeted toward Boots, but he jumped out of the way just in time.

Harriet saw a rusty sword lying on the ground.

"Take it, hurry," yelled Boots as he dodged another blast.

Harriet gripped the sword and then a great gust of wind blew around, and a dazzling light surrounded her. The sword was rusty and now turned into a splendid sword. Harriet charged at Gailtur with one slash of the sword.

The witch was now weak, and with another slash of the dazzling sword she uttered her last evil wish. "If I die then you Scraw will stay a cat forever!"

Scraw went on to live with Harriet the rest of his life and lived happily ever after!

Meow (The End)

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