Kristy title
Surf board

By Kristy
(Grade 6)

Once there was a girl named Tamara who lived in California. Sadly her father had died and her mother married Frank. Tamara hated Frank and his daughter, Francine. Unfortunately Tamara's mother became ill and also died.

Frank and Francine made Tamara do all of the chores. Tamara became a prisoner in her own house.

Meanwhile at a California mansion, a former actor, who had lost touch with reality, thought he was a king. One day he was extremely angry. "I demand a queen!" King Tyson boomed.

His butler, George said, "How will you get a queen?"

Tyson then grew very angry and almost blew smoke from his ears. He answered George, "Well, what do you think I should do?"

George thought for a moment and then said, "Perhaps, you should hold a surfing contest."

At that moment King Tyson yelled for all the messengers in the castle (I mean mansion). Everyone came running and King Tyson shared the news.

The news spread throughout the state and to Tamara's house. The next morning Tamara ran down the stairs and made breakfast for Francine and her stepfather.

Tamara was about to go and clean Francine's room when she heard Frank speaking to Francine. "Francine, there is a surfing contest to find the Queen of California,"said Frank.

"I could be queen!" Francine added. At that point Tamara walked in and served them their breakfast. "What took you so long girl? You knew I was hungry!" Francine snorted.

As Tamara sat down Frank looked at her and said, "Just for the fun of it I am going to let you enter the contest Tamara," Frank spat out.

Tamara was so happy, but then she realized that she didn't have a surfboard. Frank walked away from Tamara cackling an evil laugh. This made Tamara feel very sad.

The next day was the day of the contest and Tamara spent her time cleaning the house. Suddenly, sparkles came shooting out from what appeared to be "nowhere" and then BANG! Her fairie goddess Venus came from the cluster of noise and sparkles.

At first, Tamara was confused. She had always read books on fairie godmothers, but a fairie goddess?

"I heard you crying all the way from Olympus, the castle in the sky. What's wrong my dear?" asked Venus.

"You wouldn't care! You're a goddess, and never have problems!" cried Tamara.

"Oh, but I do care! I will help you, what is your problem?" replied Venus.

Tamara told her all about how her mother and father died, and how she is treated so poorly in her own home. Venus swung her wand around and blasted a ray of light onto the comb on Tamara's dresser. Suddenly a new surf board appeared.

"Now, go to that contest, and win!!!" Venus yelled.

Tamara picked up the surf board, wiped her tears, and ran to the contest.

When Tamara arrived at the beach she informed George that she wanted to enter the contest.

"Okay, you're up Tamara." said George.

Tamara put her surfboard into the water and started paddling. She road the waves with splendor and dominated the contest! When Tamara came back to the shore, everyone surrounded her. They covered her with flowers too!

All at once a dune buggy carrying King Tyson drove up. At the same time that Tamara hopped into the dune buggy, King George realized he wasn't really a king. They drove into the sunset. Eventually Tyson & Tamara went on to make surfer movies together and lived happily ever after!

The End