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By Luke
(Grade 6)

Tom Riddles was a man who lived out in the forest with his grandmother, and horse named Whisky. Tom's family was poor and his parents left to find work in another village.

Tom's grandmother had an extraordinary life. When she was young her great grandfather granted her one lifetime wish. She was 70 years old and has never used the wish.

Tom always wanted to get married to a lady who worked in the kitchen in the king's castle. Her name was Marie. Tom thought Marie was fantastic, well to Tom she was the only lady in the world that didn't wear loads of stinky perfume. Tom's grandmother tried to tell him that Marie was just a cleaning lady who worked for the nobles and could never marry a forest man. She would be killed if she ever left her job. Betts Image

Tom spent many hours trying to catch a glimpse of Marie. He would usually try to walk past her and talk for a while, but all she would was say was, "I'm late for the dishes," or something like that.

Every year a tournament of hunting would take place. Tom was already going to participate against Archer McGibbons and King Henchet. This years tournament would be to hunt down a unicorn and bring it back to the finish line. The game begun and Tom fled into the forest on the back of his horse. He soon ran into a river finding that he went to far. He turned back and saw Marie hiding in the bushes. "What are you doing here?" asked Tom.

"I wanted to watch the…What do you care anyways?" Marie exclaimed. She jumped up and ran from her hiding place and left behind a bracelet.

Tom picked the bracelet up and placed it into his pocket. He walked slowly back to his house, and his horse followed behind him.

Once Tom was in the house he saw his grandmother and he could see that she wanted to talk to him. She rocked back and forth in her chair and said, "I'm sorry my grandson. Marie does not want to marry you. Instead she wants to marry a prince."

"But my grandmother she is my only hope. I wish to have her as my wife and live in my own house."

Tom soon went to sleep, and the grandmother crept into Tom's bedroom. Once inside the door she saw Tom sleeping. She walked in and said, "I will grant my grandson's wish."

Tom immediately woke up and turned into a prince. He found the bracelet still in his pocket. He rode to the palace. He ran to the kitchen and saw Marie cleaning.

Marie was in shock to see how Tom was a wealthy prince. Tom brought out the bracelet and gave it to Marie. She was surprised and married Tom. They lived happily ever after!

The End


Illustration from: Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm. Fairy Tales From Grimm. Ethel Franklin Betts, illustrator. London: J. Coker & Co Ltd., 1917.