By Rachel
(grade 5)


Long ago at a time when people lived in caves a baby girl was born, and her mother and father named her Jewel. One day when the mother was washing clothes at the river tigers suddenly attacked her and she died. Jewel and her father were lonely and sad.

One day Jewel's father met a woman crying by the river. Jewel's father went to the woman and asked her why she was crying. The woman said she was lost. She told Jewel's father that her name was Mara, and that she comes from the Land of Wolves. Jewel's father felt sorry for Mara so he decided to be her husband and live happily.

One night Jewel's father became very sick and died. Not long afterwards Mara turned into a terrible stepmother. Mara even called Jewel the "Slave of the Cave." Mara made Jewel do all the chores, and whipped her when she was happy.

One day Jewel met a tiger baby with a broken leg. She helped the tiger and they became great friends. Sometimes when the chores were done Jewel would go and play with the tiger and his friends, the monkey and the bear. Jewel would love to dance with the tiger and his friends at the river. When Jewel felt upset she would go to the tiger and talk to the tiger about her feelings. If Mara found out about the animals she would have them all shot in one minute.

One beautiful day when the sky was blue and birds were chirping the village would celebrate their god with a dance called the "Great Dance." Mara invited her two mean granddaughters to the Great Dance. The granddaughters also knew Jewel's rude nickname and they constantly called her the "Slave of the Cave." Everyone went to the great dance, but Jewel did not go because she had to finish her chores.

After Jewel finished her chores she found one of Mara's gowns and a pair of Mara's gold and ruby sandals. Jewel quickly put them on and then hurried off down the path to the Great Dance!

On her way she bumped into Mara. Jewel's stepmother looked very angry and said, "You stole my gown! Give it to me!" Mara threw Jewel to the ground. Jewel was covered in muck and sadly went back to the cave.

When Jewel was running she suddenly saw the tiger. Jewel spoke to the tiger and said, "I just wish I could be a princess."
The tiger began to speak, and said, "Your wish is granted." At that time the monkey and the bear brought a beautiful grass dress with brightly red rose sandals.

Jewel was so happy and grateful to the tiger and his friends. She quickly got dressed and down the path towards the Great Dance. On her way she ran into the prince, and he thought that she was the most beautiful woman he ever saw. The prince danced with Jewel, and they soon got married. Jewel never saw Mara and her granddaughters ever again.

She lived happily ever after!

The End