By RandyMac
(Grade 6)

5 Years Before Our Story Begins…

Henry Mersinghoft strapped on his sword to his waist. His little brother William walked up to him. "Why are you leaving the family?" William asked, confused.

"It is boring here. I am waisting my life away. I want better things in life!" Henry said, very angry. Henry went outside with his bags packed. His mother and father came up to him asking him where he was going. In a fit of rage Henry drew his sword and finished them off.

William went outside and found his parents slain. Henry was gone and William never knew who was responsible for his parents' death.

5 Years Later…

"Argh!" moaned Werther.

"Oh, come on. That couldn't have hurt!" said William. He put his sword down. The old man who challenged him was a friend of his father who took William in when he was young. He was William's only friend since his parent's murder.

A festival was outside the little hut with music filling William's ears. There was a sound of horses outside. William looked up. A man walked up to him. "Henry!" shouted William.

The brother scowled and said, "What are you doing here? Are you training to be a knight? Ha! The round table's precious leader will be taken down very soon!" said Henry.

"But brother," replied William, "What do you mean?"

"Have you not noticed that the king is gone?" said Henry smugly.

At this comment William drew his sword. "Where is the king?" he demanded!

William got up and their swords clashed. William swung his sword and gashed Henry's eye. "Leave…Now!" ordered William. Henry glared at him as he walked away.

"Impressive," said Werther, "I can see that you have learned much. We must now leave to go to the kingdom."

"Why?" asked William.

"Henry is plotting to sneak into the palace and murder King Arthur and his round table."

"How do you know this?" asked William.

"I over-hear him talking to one of his friends. Ready the horses."

* * *

Werther and William were standing outside the castle. "Look, Henry has already made his move into the castle. We must sneak in through the sewers," said Werther.

"But Werther, a mystical dragon lives in the sewers!" exclaimed William.

"I know. If we kill it there won't be a probl--" A hideous roar cut off Werther's sentence. Raging towards Werther and William was a shinning dragon with smoke flowing from his nose. The dragon was huge.

William ran toward it and jumped on its back. He chopped of his head and out climbed a little man.

"Merlin!" shouted Werther.

"Hello Werther. Follow me!"

* * *

"Open the grate William and climb out," said Werther. Light streaked through and pierced the water in the sewer making filthy rats scuttle away. They climbed up and out, and found themselves at the round table.

"Ha, ha!" laughed a wicked voice from the shadows of the room.

"It is Henry," said Merlin in a deep voice. The battle had begun.

The battle was a fierce one and in the end Henry lay dead. William was panting, sweat slowly fell from his face. He turned around to see King Arthur tied under the table with a cloth to his mouth. Merlin leaned closer and waved his wand. King Arthur awoke with a start and thanked William.

Months later William became knighted, and the king gave him a pet dragon as a symbol of his gratitude.

William served as the kings right hand man. Werther was invited to live in the palace as the commander in chief over the army and Merlin was never heard from again.

The End

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