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By Shane
(Grade 6)

Once upon a time there was an Archer named Erik Aaronsson. He had red hair, a red beard, and wore shiny armor, a golden helmet, and a black cloak. Erik was a Viking who worked for a nortoriously evil leader named Geoff the Black.

Geoff insisted that Erik whip the Skraelings of Nova Scotia, the Skraelings, into submission in order to build the "Black Castle." Later that year, after the castle was finished, Geoff the Black was about to slaughter the Skraelings because he hadn't anymore use for them.

One day a mystical wolf, which wore a healing black cloak, journeyed to the Skraeling forest and spoke to the chief about Geoff the Black's intentions. After the conversation the wolf disappeared, and the Chief of the Skraelings organized an army to march against the castle for a surprise attack in the morning.

KnightEarly in the morning the Skraelings launched an attack on the black castle. Geoff the Black was furious, and commanded his men to give the Skraelings no mercy! Erik heard about Geoff's command and had no choice but to go to war. Erik was an army corporal and was positioned on the rim of the castle directly below the gates. Erik heard the Skraeling's horn and readied his bow.

The battle was horrible. Two arrows silenced the archers on the left and right of Erik. Yet the black castle army still dominated. The Skraelings were weakening and were losing a lot of men.

Erik wasn't going to carry on with the fight so he headed for the forest. Suddenly the chief Skraeling saw a doglike figure with a black cloak jumping out onto men from the black castle army. The chief called out to the mystic wolf, "You have come to help us!" At that precise moment a spear skewered the chief! The wolf ran to the chief's attacker and jumped on him. Seconds later that attacker was dead and the wolf ran to the chief's side.

The mystic wolf dropped the cloak onto the chief and said, "Put this on."

The chief put on the black cloak and felt stronger almost instantly. The chief touched his wound and the wound was gone. "Thank you," the chief said deeply. Since the mystic wolf had come the Skraelings were now winning the battle.

Geoff was in his thrown room when he got the message that the Skraelings were now winning. "I have to do everything myself," he said out loud. Geoff put on his armor and stomped on his way to the gate.

When the wolf saw Geoff killing some of the Skraelings he pounced on him. A black castle solider started to pull on his cloak. "Get off the king you mutt!" yelled the solider as he pulled off the cloak. At the very moment the solider was holding the cloak, he was shot in the stomach, but the wound healed. "King I think this is the healing cloak that the Skraelings were using," said the soldier.

"Really eh, you're promoted. Now give it to me," said Geoff greedily. The solider did as he was told and handed the cloak over. Geoff put it on and started to laugh. Skraelings were firing heavily onto Geoff put they did nothing. The Skraeling were losing again. Suddenly, the wolf quickly jumped on Geoff and pulled the cloak off with its teeth. The chief Skraeling took a hatchet and threw it at Geoff killing him instantly.

With the king gone the black castle soldiers fled. The Skraelings took over the castle and the wolf transformed into Erik. Erik ruled the kingdom and was a kind ruler. He lived happily ever after.

The End

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