Title    butterfly

By Shanna
(Grade 5)

O nce upon a time down in Egypt there was a girl named Lila who lived in the countryside. She had two very mean sisters named Mona and Keko. She also had a brother named Shaun. Lila's parents didn't live with her any more. An evil gang had captured her mom, and her dad was gone on a long journey.

Lila's sisters were very mean and they bossed her around, but the good thing was that her brother was always on her side. Shaun would often defend Lila by threatening to throw Mona and Keko into the dungeon whenever they picked on her. Mona and Keko were scared of the dungeon, because they had been thrown in there before. They once stole a precious necklace from the king.

Shaun was a knight in the King's army. One day he went to work and when he came home he had a note. The note read that there was going to be a royal Egyptian festival, and one of the girls would marry Prince Charles. Lila's sisters wouldn't let her go unless she repainted the whole house and raked the garden.

That night eight fairies appeared and saw Lila crying. They went to her and asked why she was so upset. She showed them her chore list. The Queen fairy told the other seven fairies to go do the chores. fairy

When the fairies came back they made Lila a beautiful dress out of silk, gold, and covered with daisies. The fairies used magical words to turn the farmer's dog into a horse in order to pull the carriage. They turned a pearl into a carriage. At last the golden wheat shoes! Lila put them on and then she was off to the festival. Before Lila left the fairies warned her she had to be home before sunset otherwise her clothes would turn back to rags.

When Lila got to the ball she saw her sisters and her brother. Lila was sitting on the sand benches and she saw the prince coming toward her. They talked for a little and then the prince asked Lila if she wanted to dance. Mona and Keko looked at the girl dancing with the prince and thought she looked like Lila. They both agreed that Lila couldn't possibly have finished her chores on time. The chores will take more than three hours.

Lila looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was almost setting. Lila stopped dancing and ran as fast as she could.

The prince told the guards to catch Lila, but luckily she got free. Lila ran down the stairs and lost one of her shoes.

The prince loved her so much that he took the shoe and asked every girl and woman in town to try it on. Some women's feet were too long, some too small, some too fat, and some too skinny.

The prince went to Lila's house, but the sisters had locked her up in the pantry. The sisters tried the shoe on but they had to force their foot in. The prince then heard a noise in the pantry and asked what it was. The sisters told him it was a dog. The prince walked over to the pantry and opened the door. He saw Lila sitting on the shelf. He asked her to come out and try on the golden shoe. She tried it on and it fit! Her sisters gasped.

The prince and Lila had a wonderful wedding on the farm. The whole town was there. The sisters Mona and Keko were a servant for the palace, but in two weeks they got free and nobody has ever seen them since. Lila's only brother Shaun got moved up to the highest rank, and the fairies lived with them in the castle. They all lived happily ever after. Well I don't know about the sisters.

The End


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